Abdelli is a singer, author and composer from Kabylia. He is born into a modest family in the village of Behalil‐Afire in Kabylia (Algeria) under the French occupation during Algeria’s independance war. Abdelli starts making music very early in Dellys, where he grew up. He arrived there as a young child, as his parents fled their native village into a forced exile. Dellys is well‐known throughout Algeria for its fish specialties and its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout his childhood, Abdelli was immersed in this love of the wide skies and the open sea, of the fishery and the manifold scents that accompany them. After a rather difficult start in music, Abdelli finally could enjoy therelease of his 1st album entitled "Ayem yema" in the mid‐80s. Yet, like so many of these Kabilyan singers‐songwriters whose poetry is meant to awaken people’s consciences, Abdelli suffers from thesevere political and bureaucratic obstacles to expressing himselffreely in his own language ... He then chooses to go into exile, far away from his country and his family and friends.In the mid‐80s, Abdelli moves to Brussels, Belgium and releases his album « Abdelli in Brussels ». In 1989 he starts recording his album « New Moon », released in May1995 on the prestigious British label « Real World », established by Peter Gabriel. This album release really starts the international career of Abdelli: he is being invited to perform with his band all over the world, from England to Canada, the USA, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg ... He is invited by Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar to participate in the festival « from the guitar to the sitar » in Brussels. He is also invited by Peter Gabriel to play the support part in Paris on the presentation of his latest album « UP » in September 2002. Abdelli gets involved in numerous collaborations with artists such as Loreena McKennitt, Natacha Atlas, Ramzi Hussain .... In November 2000, Abdelli decides to travel to the island of Réunion in search of his spiritual master Cheikh El Hasnaoui. In 2001, he composes the original music of the film « Au‐delà de Gibraltar ». In 2003 he releases his 2nd album on the Real World label. This label, « Among Brothers », was recorded on four continents: in Cape Verde, Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, Canada and Belgium. The album is chosen as « best album from 2003 » in the world music category by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir. The release of this album is followed by tours around the world that lead Abdelli and his musicians to Pakistan, Morocco, the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and to major festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Festival Grand Performances Los Angeles, the Small festival Toronto, the festival Womad , the Dranouter Festival, the festival of freedom in Brussels, the festival « Couleur Café » in Brussels ... In 2009 ABDELLI to put a stop to these tours for travel, care for her family and end quietly without the studio albums from the stresses and pressures of touring. Without new album Fate that starting in Lahore (Pakistan) in November 2004 released October 10, 2011.