Met - Abdelli

The voice of the Master Cheikh El-Hasnaoui

The first day I heard the voice of Cheikh El-Hasnaoui, I've been seduced instantaneously. After being seduced by his melodious voice, I began to understand his lyrics, and over time, his unique play of the mandola made me vibrate. I was so very young and I dreamed to meet him one day, even if at that time, all this seemed to me unfeasible, in view of my situation in Algeria: no money, no self-confidence, so how to believe in this dream so far, beyond the sea? July 6, 2002, the master Cheikh El-Hasnaoui passed away on Reunion Island where he spent the last fourteen years of his life. Like him, many great masters of Kabyle song such as Farid Ali, Alloua Zerouki, Slimane Azem, died in exile, ignored by the political powers or sometimes even banned. In my latest album "Among Brothers" ("Between brothers "), the songs" Inas "and" Itidj "are a tribute to the masters.